2020 GF & Co Borough 19 MC Speed Championship

2020 GF & Co Borough 19 MC Speed Championship

G F & Co Borough 19 Sprint Championship 2020

This year has proved to be very challenging in all respects. In view of the difficulties we have faced and indeed are still  facing, it is with reluctance that the due to the cancellation of the majority of the qualifying rounds, and the continued uncertainty regarding the remaining events we must announce the G F & Co Club Championship has been abandoned for this year. After careful consideration the committee felt that a championship based on so few rounds would not be reflective or fair to our members, many of whom will not have the opportunity to compete.

We are already working on a schedule of events for 2021 and the full calendar will be published as soon as this is available.

                                                          Alison Laing

                                                Championship Coordinator