About B19MC

Borough 19 Motor Club has enjoyed 50 years recognition by the Royal Automobile Club.

The first event under RAC rules and regulations was the Bluebell Rally organised by Roger Handcock, and held overnight on the 25th/26th April 1964 – naturally deemed to be a great success.

The club has continued to promote grass roots motorsport since it’s inception, in the form of autocross, production car trials and since 1987 has become one of the foremost sprint clubs, organising events at many venues including:




Borough 19 members have a history of great success in the Associations’ sprint championships, the overall champions and numerous class winners coming from our ranks.

From humble beginnings as a local club, membership is now strewn across the British isles form Cornwall to Derbyshire including the Channel Islands.

About Sprinting

Sprinting is a discipline of motor sport where you can turn up with the family saloon, don a crash helmet and have a thrash round.

It is at the grass roots of motor sport, where club member and aspiring champions alike ply their trade. Of course not everybody uses the every day runaround, and to establish parity different classes depending on type of vehicle and engine size are entered.

The basic class is in fact standard production road going – where you can turn up with your diesel Skoda and compete on a level playing field. The other classes are road going, kit cars and replicas, modified saloons through to single seat racing cars.

If you are unsure as to which class you should entering we will be happy to advise you.

The safety equipment which is mandatory is approved crash helmet, overalls and gloves.

The essence of sprinting is driver ability and car control, getting the best out of your vehicle. Cars start singly and compete on a tarmac surface track against the clock. Whilst this removes the potential for collision damage often sustained in wheel to wheel racing, it does not detract from the euphoria of speed for speed’s sake.

You need to be a member of a club affiliated to the Motorsport UK, and hold a Motorsport UK competition license. Applications for your license should be made at http://www.motorsportuk.org Although it is a biased opinion Borough19 is one of the best clubs in the area. Information on membership can be found on our membership page, together with contact details of club officials.

If you have any questions about getting started in motorsport please do not hesitate to contact us.

About Marshalling

Without the volunteers standing post none of our events can go ahead.

We would like to thank all our ever enthusiastic marshals for their constant attention.  This is another way to become involved in the sport, to smell the oil and rubber and hear the squeal of tyres at close hand.

If you would like to find out more please contact us or Marshals Co-ordinator – Mildred Wiltshire directly, who will gladly welcome you to the marshal’s fraternity.

Want to be involved in Motorsport?

Want to have fun gaining and practicing your managerial skills in an exciting environment away from work?

There is far more to motorsport than just competing! Our friendly competitors need your help! Borough 19 Motor Club is very keen to involve anyone interested in motorsport by giving experience in helping to organise events.

Interested persons will initially be teamed up with experienced members of B19 MC who will be able to explain and demonstrate the knowledge and skills required to execute whatever tasks with which they wish to help.

Practice makes perfect, so these new found knowledge and skills will be put in to practice straight away! The tasks are many and varied from instructing competitors where to park in the pits, to signing them (the competitors) on in the official manner, ensuring they appear at the correct time plus sequence for competition with safety equipment – helmets, overalls, gloves,etc. – fully in place, publishing results, operating the tanoy, observing driving standards, flag marshal, start line official, timing marshal, etc.,etc.. All these important tasks require good people skills, decision making, and teamwork with a group of enthusiastic, experienced, fun loving B19 MC members.

If you want to find out more about being involved/volunteering to help at events, please contact us.

Want to get involved as a Competitor, Marshal or Event Coordinator?

B19MC Committee

Our Committee + other members are on hand to provide help & further info.

Jason Watkins
Andy Westcott
Vice President
Barry Morris
Chairman and Membership Secretary
Stephen Laing
Deputy Chairman and Website Moderator
Juliet Morris
Jane Burgess
Scott Copeland
Competition Secretary
Scott Copeland
B19 Sprint Entries Secretary
Carol Glenn
B19 Sprint meeting Secretary
Roger Grimes
Newsletter Editor

Tel: 07877 049515

Additional Committee Members:

Roger Burgess
Josh Bennett

Other Member Responsibilities:

Mildred Wiltshire
Marshals Co-ordinator
Michelle Best
Newsletter Publisher
Kevin Farrell
Chief Marshal