Sprint Championships Table

GF & Co Borough 19 M.C. 2020 Speed Championship

G F & Co Borough 19 Sprint Championship 2020


This year has proved to be very challenging in all respects. In view of the difficulties we have faced and indeed are still  facing, it is with reluctance that the due to the cancellation of the majority of the qualifying rounds, and the continued uncertainty regarding the remaining events we must announce the G F & Co Club Championship has been abandoned for this year. After careful consideration the committee felt that a championship based on so few rounds would not be reflective or fair to our members, many of whom will not have the opportunity to compete.


We are already working on a schedule of events for 2021 and the full calendar will be published as soon as this is available.


Alison Laing

Championship Coordinator

Results of the 2019 G.F & Co Borough 19 MC Speed Championship

Category A Road Going Series/Specialist production Cars

Category B Modified  Road Going Series/Specialist production Cars

Category C Sports Libre cars

Category D Racing Cars

 G.F  & Co Borough 19 MC Speed Championship award winners



Overall Position (7 best scores)Name of PersonTOTAL
7 Best Scores
1Stephen Laing 296.47247.28
2Tim Cole270.05246.98
3Dean Clayton262.19240.92
4Simon Wallis236.71236.71
5Roger Burgess224.97224.97
6John Start224.01224.01
7Brian Winstone210.42210.42
8Carl Warnell225.85204.99
9Bruce Aitkin201.90201.90
10Keith Warnell199.46181.86
11Mark Chaplin172.18172.18
12Paul Beesley149.88149.88
13Steve Chaplin141.90141.90
14John Gregson132.39132.39
15Gary Tidwell128.12128.12
16Alan Betts 123.37123.37
17Peter Cartwright121.84121.84
18Peter Goulding118.76118.76
19Andrew Faux111.97111.97
20Craig Jackson101.73101.73
21Nigel Fleming97.6797.67
22Chris Chaplin89.8189.81
23Robert Farndon78.5678.56
24Gerry Fincham75.3075.30
25Jon Williams74.7274.72
26Justin Andrews73.4373.43
27Steven Winstone72.9172.91
28Jay Elliot-Purdy62.8962.89
29Jeff Wiltshire55.9255.92
30Duncan Cowper50.4050.40
31Tony Staines50.3050.30
32Thomas Harvey43.9443.94
33Steve Carpenter41.5141.51
34Adrian Harvey38.9838.98
35Tim Morrison37.6437.64
36Rosalyn Kennett36.7936.79
37Clive Stephens29.9229.92
38Roger Grimes29.3929.39
39Nick Attridge27.4027.40
40Ross Lima27.1027.10
41Robert Forsdyke25.1025.10
42Charlie Reilly24.0224.02
43Tom Field23.9423.94
44Donald MacIver20.5920.59
45Sarah Lima19.0819.08
46Caroline Cooper19.0119.01
47Peter Clark18.7418.74
48Clark Devey18.3018.30
49Roger Legg16.5516.55
50Richard Kirby16.0816.08
51Lewis Judd15.7315.73
52Jeff Cooper14.7814.78