Sprint Championships Table

GF & Co Borough 19 M.C. 2017 Championship

Download the GF & Co B19 2017 Championship regs here  together with Bulletin to cover amendment.

 Results up to 11th September 2017

Download the results pdf here or view the summary below

Overall Position (7 best scores)Name of PersonTOTAL
7 Best Scores
1Brian Winstone375.00350.00
1Justin Andrews350.00350.00
3Tim Cole 398.20348.20
4Carl Warnell344.47344.47
5Stephen Laing332.00332.00
6Peter Goulding330.82330.82
7Tony Beesley324.23324.23
8Steve Carpenter283.00283.00
9Keith Warnell275.14275.14
10 Jeff Wiltshire265.00265.00
11Roger Burgess259.64259.64
12Christopher Hussey227.34227.34
13David Hussey206.16206.16
14Bruce Aitkin205.00205.00
15Sarah Munns201.91201.91
16Rosalyn Kennet198.54198.54
17Charlie Reilly198.12198.12
18Dean Clayton191.07191.07
19Paul Beesley164.60164.60
20John Start140.74140.74
21Jon Williams120.00120.00
22Stephen Farley118.89118.89
23Donald Maciver116.55116.55
24John Gregson113.94113.94
25Gerry Fincham104.62104.62
26Julian Glass 104.00104.00
27Nick Attridge99.5299.52
28Simon Wallis98.9998.99
29Andrew Faux88.1288.12
30Tony Staines79.8979.89
31Steven Winstone77.7277.72
32Kevin Marshall74.9374.93
33Roger Legg74.1974.19
34Stephen Chaplin69.1469.14
35Peter Cartwright61.2961.29
36Pat Doran60.0060.00
37Colin Glass59.2459.24
38Paul Lucas53.6653.66
39Roger Grimes49.3449.34
40Alan Betts46.8846.88
41Chris Chaplin46.8246.82
42Craig Jackson45.0045.00
43Mark Chaplin44.3144.31
44Joy Waiton42.6642.66
45Andrew Innocent28.4228.42
46Ross Lima26.1026.10
47Sarah Lima20.0020.00
47Dave Massey20.0020.00
47Colin Smith20.0020.00
50Tom Field18.1118.11